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Online bachelor's degree programs in business.

Put your ambition to work.

The list of companies that have hired WGU graduates reads like a Who's Who of the business world: Aetna, American Express, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Georgia Pacific, JetBlue, JPMorgan Chase, Nestle, Pepsico, Pfizer, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Starbucks, State Farm Insurance, The Walt Disney Company, Tiffany, Toyota, United Airlines, Visa, and Wells Fargo,  to name-drop just a few.

Find success by earning your bachelor's in many business paths from WGU. Develop yourself—and build a blue chip résumé  that opens new doors.

Hone your business acumen and garner added respect:

  • Time: 75% of grads finish in 19–46 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,370 per 6-month term.

Careers and jobs this business degree will prepare you for:

  • Account executive
  • Business analyst
  • Program manager
  • Director or Senior director
  • Vice president

This online degree program is an excellent choice for kick-starting your organizational management career.

You can become a healthcare industry leader:

  • Time: 81% of grads finish in 10–24 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,370 per 6-month term.

Careers and jobs this business degree will prepare you for:

  • Health information manager
  • Community service managers
  • Clinical managers
  • Medical records managers
  • Social service managers

The online courses in this career-focused business degree program will prepare you with management-level skills and an up-to-date understanding of our healthcare delivery system.

An SHRM-recognized online business degree program:

  • Time: 71% of grads finish in 17–41 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,370 per 6-month term.

Careers and jobs this business degree will prepare you for:

  • Human resource specialist
  • Director of talent acquisition
  • Recruiting manager
  • Organizational learning specialist
  • Vice president of HR

Earn your B.S. in Human Resources and help build strong organizations.

IT managers are needed in nearly every organization:

  • Time: 71% of grads finish in 17–41 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,370 per 6-month term.

Careers and jobs this business degree will prepare you for:

  • Vice president of risk management
  • Product security incident manager
  • Vice president of technical services
  • CTO and CIO
  • Director of IT

Key competencies of these online courses align with industry needs: management and leadership, networks and security, and information systems management.

For those who want to lead brands and steer consumer markets:

  • Time: 74% of grads finish in 9–41 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,370 per 6-month term.

Careers and jobs this business degree will prepare you for:

  • Marketing and PR manager
  • Director of marketing and communications
  • Director of publications
  • Customer intelligence manager
  • Marketing sales manager

Marketing management is a creative and exciting field—and one where an undergraduate degree will open better opportunities.


Have a knack for numbers or fine-tuning finances?

  • Time: 71% of grads finish in 10–40 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,370 per 6-month term.

Careers and jobs this business degree will prepare you for:

  • Accounting manager
  • Financial director
  • Vice president of finance and operations
  • Chief financial officer
  • Forensic accountant

Take your first step toward CPA certification and learn how to use GAAP, ledgers, and journals.

A program designed for future leaders in HIM:

  • Time: 72% of grads earned this degree in 18–48 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,545 per 6-month term, plus one-time Health Professions Student Fee of $350.

Careers and jobs this degree will prepare you for:

  • Director of informatics
  • HIMS chief
  • Information systems auditor
  • Outpatient coder
  • Health records manager

This CAHIIM-accredited program makes you eligible for the RHIA exam.

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Innovation in business education.

Fast Company listed WGU among one of the world's 50 Most Innovative Companies "for showing public schools another way to do business." As Fast Company puts it: "The low-cost, self-paced WGU focuses on skills that lead to better jobs." And the metrics support that: 93% of employers say WGU grads are as good or better than those from anywhere else."


Less money, better spent.

Half. That's a term that WGU is proud to be able to use.  Compared to most other online universities, our tuition is half. And less than half is the amount that WGU students borrow to pay for their degree, compared to the national average.  High quality, low cost—that's the definition of value!

Women in Leadership scholarship available.

Women in Leadership Scholarship. Apply now!

America needs more women in leadership. WGU offers a flexible, affordable, respected way to earn the bachelor’s or master’s degree that will get you closer to your place at the top. 

And now, for a limited time, the $2,000 Women in Leadership Scholarship is one more way WGU is putting a high-quality college education within reach.  

Apply by June 30.

Prepared for success on the job.


of polled employers said that WGU grads meet or exceed their expectations.

—2018 Harris Poll

of employers polled said the performance of their WGU graduate employee was excellent or very good.

—2018 Harris Poll

of employers polled said that WGU grads are prepared for their jobs

—2018 Harris Poll

The average time to complete a bachelor's degree with WGU is 2.5 years, proving that WGU students are motivated and use the opportunity to control their speed to graduation.

—Internal data

Fit school into your life—not the other way around.

Competency-based education—it sounds like a stuffy academic phrase, but what it means for your progress toward your bachelor's degree in business is simple and exciting. At WGU, you advance through your coursework by proving what you've learned, not by logging hours sitting in a lecture hall or logging in to a "virtual classroom." This means that you study the learning resources on your time (all required materials are available 24/7 and covered by a low, flat Resource Fee) and you pass the course as soon as you can pass a test, paper, or other assessment. For most of our students, this means finishing some (if not all) courses ahead of schedule—and graduating sooner!

competency, noun

Demonstrated knowledge, skill, or ability required to advance in a degree program.

At WGU, course competencies are defined by an expert council, including employers.

For this course, there are 3 areas you need to prove competency in.

Competency Areas

First, let's take a pre‑assessment.

Determine what you already know from previous work and education experience, and where you need to focus your studies. Prove your competency in 3 areas in this exercise.

Start Pre-Assessment

Competency 1: Retrieving results...
Competency 2: Retrieving results...
Competency 3: Retrieving results...

Start Course

Second, study course materials.

Click on the free learning resources created by education experts that will help you master the competencies.


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Career-building programs built by business experts.

Microsoft IT Academy

WGU’s business degree programs are highly respected among employers—largely because they were developed with support and guidance from business leaders serving on our Business Program Council and National Advisory Board. Experts include representatives from organizations such as Google, Microsoft, AT&T, HP, Simmons Media Group, Hospital Corporation of America, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. 

“I’m impressed by the results in places like Western Governors University. Its low-cost online programs rely on competency-based progression, not class time or credit hours. It uses external assessments to evaluate student proficiency.” Bill Gates
“Why American Colleges Have to Change”

Online. Nonprofit. Surprisingly affordable.

Discover which WGU program is the path to your unique career goals.